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Why do wedding photographers…? pt II

As a continuation of my previous post, here are 4-6 most googled questions about wedding photographers. Read 1-3 here.

#4 Why do photographers own the copyright? This is one that is a big no-brainer for photographers and a big head-scratcher for non-photographers. The problem lies in the definition of copyright, and how its meaning in the day-to-day is not its actual meaning. To better explain, let’s talk about another creative medium. Let’s say you wrote the next NYT Best Seller. It’s got vampires, dystopian future, cyborgs, a heroine that is average but somehow super special, ALL the good stuff. You put a TON of work into writing this book and making it everything it is. Now, imagine you found out someone had taken your book, removed your byline, changed the BIG TWIST, and was selling it for a profit. You’d be pretty upset, and rightfully so: the book was YOURS and YOU made it! You should get to choose how it is sold and distributed, and who profits off it, right?
It’s the same for photography. It’s just confusing because, as artists, we photographers are commissioned to create art of and for our clients. It is easy to feel invested in a photograph of yourself, but the creator of the image still owns the copyright according to US copyright law.

Every one of my wedding clients walks away with a limited print release, which is what most people are really thinking of when they think of copyright. Copyright lets the creator decides who may publish and/or profit from their work. Print release is what allows a client to print their images for personal enjoyment.

For a more in-depth guide to copyright, just leave a comment and I can point you in the right direction.

St Louis Wedding Photographer Sandra Grunzinger Photography sporting a Nikon camera

#5 Why do wedding photographers use canon? They don’t! Well, not all of them anyway. (I shoot Nikon, btw. In case you didn’t notice.) Canon vs. Nikon is like Capulet and Montague in some circles, but the bottom line is that Canon put more money into making great entry-level gear a while back. So more photographers started their kits with Canon Rebels and the like, and once you get started with one brand it’s really hard to switch. Nikon lenses don’t fit Canon cameras and vice versa (at least not without a coupling link, which is a whole other can o’ worms.) So it takes a LOT to get a photographer to switch once they’ve invested in one brand’s system. Both companies make AMAZING professional-grade cameras with high-tech features. Both brands grace the hands of world-class photographers. Canon is maybe a smidge more ubiquitous.

#6 Why do wedding photographers use two cameras? Again, not all use two cameras. I only recently started experimenting with a dual camera setup. I’m still unsure if I like it more or less than single camera. The main reason cited for dual cameras is to have two lenses available without having to switch. So you can have your telephoto spy lens on one side and a wide angle lens on the other. Two perspectives, no waiting for a lens change. It’s really all preference. I worked quickly and efficiently with one camera, and while I might be a smidge quicker with two, it is twice the weight to be carrying around and it’s more awkward to navigate a crowd with a camera on each hip. *shrugs* I do love my HoldFast Money Maker dual camera holster, though. I never stop getting compliments on it. Maybe I’ll review it in the future.

HoldFast camera harness, used by St Louis Wedding Photographer Sandra Grunzinger Photography

That’s it! Wedding photographers: demystified! Did I miss a question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to? Ask it below and I’d be happy to!

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