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Top 5 Stress-Free Wedding Venues in StL

There is an abundance of options for beautiful venues in the St. Louis area. One might call it a blessing, but to a newly engaged couple just starting their planning process, it can be overwhelming at best. If you’re all about prioritizing your sanity over table settings, then this list of venues will speak to...

Engagement Portraits: What NOT to do

In this world of selfies and snapshots, some people are finding it harder to make a case for booking an engagement session with their wedding photographer. Not me! I always encourage my clients to strongly consider an engagement session for many reasons, which I talk about in another post, but today’s post is about how...

Frequently Asked Questions

Diversity makes the world go round, right? Every bride is looking for something a little bit different and every photographer has their own unique style and brand. This is why I try to meet with every client before booking; so I can get to know their needs and they can get to know me and...

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