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Ashley + James | New Town, St. Charles Wedding

There are a few gracious people in this life that work to make people around them feel at ease. Ashley is truly one of those special individuals. No wonder she’s a therapist! And it plays an integral part in her meeting of James. Scene: A busy bar. Ashley, an outgoing and vivacious individual, was out...

Brooke + Shad | A Jefferson Underground Wedding in St. Louis

In what could be the plot of the next blockbuster rom-com, Brooke met Shad at a co-ed kickball league and, within weeks, the two found themselves on a cross-country road trip together. As they say, the rest is history! These two are infectiously cheerful and, obviously, adventurous. Being a part of their wedding day was...

Rebecca + Matthew | A Piper Palm House wedding in St Louis

Rebecca and Matthew have been together for a while now. 11 years to be more precise. Degrees, careers, and 2 dogs later, they were beyond excited to get married. The Piper Palm House serving as a backdrop was just icing on the cake. During the ceremony, Matthew revealed a little surprise for Rebecca: He “officially”...

Jordan + Rob | A St. Louis Zoo Wedding

When I was 8, my family got basic cable for the first time. This was the beginning of my obsession with Animal Planet. I’m pretty sure 8-year-old me would be can’t-even-ing over Jordan and Rob’s wedding at the Saint Louis Zoo, complete with animal table menageries and real live animal greeters. Grown-up me was can’t-even-ing...

Tara + Larry | Stone House of St. Charles Wedding

Larry and Tara were married on a perfect April day at the Stone House of St. Charles. I mean it, guys, this day was perfect. You could not have asked for a better wedding day; clear skies, light breeze, warm sun. And it was well-deserved, too, because this day was a long time coming for...


Sandra Grunzinger is a St. Louis Wedding Photographer, #boymom to twin preschoolers, and unashamed nerd. She has been photographing weddings in the Greater St. Louis Area since 2011.

Sandra Grunzinger Photography is a St. Louis Wedding Photographer specializing in fine art wedding portraiture and emotional storytelling. To schedule a consult with Sandra, fill out the contact form below. 

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