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Nikki + Jason | A St. Louis Marriott Grand Ballroom Wedding

We’ve officially entered the holiday season and I’m in the photographer editing cave until Christmas. This November wedding, however, is a great way to remember the fall. It was the most amazing weather I’ve had on a wedding day in a while. But you’re not here to read about the weather, or my editing backlog,...

Top 5 Stress-Free Wedding Venues in StL

There is an abundance of options for beautiful venues in the St. Louis area. One might call it a blessing, but to a newly engaged couple just starting their planning process, it can be overwhelming at best. If you’re all about prioritizing your sanity over table settings, then this list of venues will speak to...

Mary + Danny | A St Louis Wedding on the Hill

It was a HOT day. Stepping out of the shade into the direct sunlight was actually painful. But that’s not the most memorable part of the day. It was leaving that evening with my cheeks hurting from smiling. Mary and Danny have that effect on people, and it showed by the love in the room....

Angela + Kameron | Jewel Box art deco wedding in St Louis

It was a warm summer evening in Forest Park when Kameron saw Angela in her wedding gown. Through the whirlwind of long-distance wedding planning and moving, there was a definite pause to the frenetic pace with the first look. (This is why I love first looks so much!) During our consultation, Angela told me that...

Summer Splash Mini-session Event

Summer isn’t a season, it’s a time machine. Hear me out. School is out for the year and maybe you’re dreading this season. I get it. The long days, whining, constant snack requests, the ominous question, “what are we going to do today?” or even worse, “I’m BORED!” But let’s take a step back in...


Sandra Grunzinger is a St. Louis Wedding Photographer, #boymom to twin preschoolers, and unashamed nerd. She has been photographing weddings in the Greater St. Louis Area since 2011.

Sandra Grunzinger Photography is a St. Louis Wedding Photographer specializing in fine art wedding portraiture and emotional storytelling. To schedule a consult with Sandra, fill out the contact form below.

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