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Engagement Portraits: What NOT to do

In this world of selfies and snapshots, some people are finding it harder to make a case for booking an engagement session with their wedding photographer. Not me! I always encourage my clients to strongly consider an engagement session for many reasons, which I talk about in another post, but today’s post is about how…

Why do wedding photographers…? pt II

As a continuation of my previous post, here are 4-6 most googled questions about wedding photographers. Read 1-3 here. #4 Why do photographers own the copyright? This is one that is a big no-brainer for photographers and a big head-scratcher for non-photographers. The problem lies in the definition of copyright, and how its meaning in…

Kristen + Andrew | Tree Farm Engagement

I normally try pretty hard to make an eloquent and well-thought-out blog post that accurately portrays my experience with my clients and who they are, but guys, it’s Christmas time in this house and this mompreneur is T-I-R-E-D. I’mma be real here and keep it to 100 words or less. (SORRY SEO!) Kristen contacted me…


Sandra Grunzinger is a St. Louis Wedding Photographer, #boymom to twin preschoolers, and unashamed nerd. She has been photographing weddings in the Greater St. Louis Area since 2011.

Sandra Grunzinger Photography is a St. Louis Wedding Photographer specializing in fine art wedding portraiture and emotional storytelling. To schedule a consult with Sandra, fill out the contact form below. 

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