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Natalie + David | Bogey Hills Country Club Wedding

I am ready to hibernate for the winter. I’m not the only one, right? It’s just cold and I’m over it already. Probably because we didn’t get a real fall this year, just months of summer and then cold. Which brings me to today’s blog post. Natalie and David, with an early November wedding date,...

Kristen + Andrew | Piper Palm House Wedding

I have so much to write about Kristen and Andrew’s wedding day, but my brain is fried from a busy fall wedding season and I’m pretty sure it won’t cooperate.  You may remember this couple from their super adorable tree farm engagement session, still super adorable to this day. What I will say: these two...

Madeline + Scott | A MoBot Wedding

As we round the corner into November and leave the busiest wedding month behind, my heart is full. Sure I’m buried in editing, and sure I could really use a nap, but I really do have the best clients and that makes it all so worth it. Madeline and Scott are definitely no exception, as...

Brianne + Jason | Edwardsville wedding at Wildey Theatre

A couple of notes about Brianne and Jason’s wedding: First, you’ve never seen a chiller bridal party. Second, the kids at the reception were having the absolute best time of their lives. After getting ready at a friend’s house, Brianne and the ladies headed to the Wildey Theatre in Downtown Edwardsville, IL. The historic theatre...


Sandra Grunzinger is a St. Louis Wedding Photographer, #boymom to twin preschoolers, and unashamed nerd. She has been photographing weddings in the Greater St. Louis Area since 2011.

Sandra Grunzinger Photography is a St. Louis Wedding Photographer specializing in fine art wedding portraiture and emotional storytelling. To schedule a consult with Sandra, fill out the contact form below. 

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