Alexis + David | WOW Events Wedding in Alton

Alexis and David’s wedding at WOW Furnishings & Events was on a super windy, super cold January day. I was scouting the area before the wedding when I just knew we weren’t going to be doing much outside! Wedding photography is being ready to change up your plans, though, so we rolled with it!

Alexis and David both have a truly chill, laid-back vibe that brings out the joy around them. It’s a refreshing experience in this wedding world that is fueled on high stakes and fresh flowers. I loved watching the quiet and beautiful moments unfold throughout, starting with the first look in the ceremony space before guests arrived.

After the first look was a short and sweet ceremony with a handfasting tradition, followed by cocktail hour. The ceremony space was then flipped into a warm and inviting dinner space, with long rows of tables seated family style where guests could easily enjoy each others’ company over the low greenery and candles.

The couple shared their first dance to “Another First Kiss” by They Might Be Giants, (which I just wanted to point out how awesome it is to work that into your wedding day? My husband is a huge TMBG fan and all he got on our wedding day was a blue canary nightlight I gave him as part of his groom’s gift!)

David and Alexis, I’m so happy for you two. I’m so excited for your journey together to continue and I wish nothing but the very best for you both. Stay warm!

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